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National Junior Honor Society

Eisenhower Middle School National Junior Honor Society

Sponsors: Irene Kentner, Naomi Vargas, and Nick Zimmerman

Eisenhower (West) Middle School has been a member of National Junior Honor Society since January 24, 1977. The National Junior Honor Society is represented by the symbol of the Flaming Torch which burns the 5 flames of purpose which each candidate must uphold: Character, Citizenship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

Granting membership is perhaps the greatest honor that the school can bestow. It indicates excellence, not in one activity, but in many.  In order for a student to be eligible for membership he or she must have a 3.5 grade point average and uphold the 5 flames of NJHS's purposes. Membership is more than an honor; it carries with it a responsibility and should be considered the beginning of an obligation. Once selected for membership, students should continue to demonstrate those outstanding qualities which brought about their selection.

Our Chapter tries to execute projects and activities which carry out our ideals.   Each year we donate money toward scholarships for former WMS NJHS members who are now seniors at Liberal High School.   This project is one of our most important and begins the first of February.

We encourage each EMS student to strive to become a member of National Junior Honor Society.