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TMEA Findings

On this page, you can read about Mr. Tiedeman's reflection in regards to the 2015 Texas Music Educators Convention!

Mr. Tiedeman likes to attend out of state music educator conventions because it keeps him fresh and it is good to understand what is happening in other parts of the nation.  Texas offers a world renown music educators convention.  In paticular, it adresses the band directing profession in a profound way.  Texas' convention rivals the National Convention that happens in Chicago, IL every year.  There were over 25,000 music educators in attendance in San Antonio this year!  

Mr. Tiedeman is grateful for USD 480 giving him the opportunity to see such a wondeful convention this year!

-The clinics he attended will be listed below with a short reflection about each one-

Emphasizing Progam Excellence from A-Z (Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser)

Dr. Tim is a world renowned motivational speaker.  He provided many anicdotal quotes and stories that helped us band directors realize how important our profession is.  We do make a difference. 

  • The teacher or band director in this case is the deciding factor for the enviroment of their classroom.  Their mood decides what the mood for the given hour is going to be.  It can be frightening to realize how big of an impact the teacher makes.  
  • The Warrior Band is a reflection of who Mr. Tiedeman is.  
  • Whether you think you can or can't you are absolutely correct.  
  • Music is not equal to sports
    • Everybody is on Varsity
    • We take everybody.  We want everybody in band/music and they will be apart of Varsity.  
    • There is no bench in band. 
  • Don't wait to compete with somebody to be GREAT!
    • Remember when we did battle of the bands in class?  We will do it again because it is fun and fresh.  Do you remember how excited and passionate some people got?  Do you remember how some people wanted to perform well for their team because they didn't want to let them down?  
    • Why do we wait for competition to show that passion for being GREAT?  What can you do to make sure you are trying to be great all the time.  Think about how superior we could be if you showed that passion through and through every day!  

Unfortunately, there are many college dropouts in the world today.  Do you know the #1 reason people usually drop out of college?

  • It is because they don't go to class!  
  • Music keeps people going to class and young musicians understand the impact of being at ALL of the rehearsals.  
  • The highest percent of Doctors entering medical school are musicians as well.  Did you know that?  
  • Keep music in your life! 

Refreshing your approaches to Clarinet Fundamentals (Dr. David Shea-Texas Tech University)

Click here to read the full PDF handout from Dr. David Shea

Dr. Shea gave a plethora of clarinet technique that I need to continue to study on a regulary basis.  My favorite learnings were:

  1. Open up the air column by sustaining long, full, dark low E's on the clarinet.  This exercise will make corrections that effect many aspects of clarinet playing.  
  2. The clarinet embouchure should be made by thinking of and making a firm "oooo" with your lips.  The perfect embouchure shape will occur.  With a firm "ooo", the elusive flat chin is formed.  Focusing on the flat chin first can actually cause unnecessary tension in the muscles around the embouchure.  
  3. The "e" or "eee" vowel should be used as the tongue position inside the mouth.  This is very different than what we tell brass players.  The sides of the tongue should stay in contact with the molars.  

A "dee" tongue will encourage a lighter more agile tongue.  "Tee" tonguing can actually cause the musican to lock up and tire quickly.  

The Marcus High School Wind Symphony is pictured above.  They are truly the best high school band I have ever heard in my life and could quite possibly be the best in the nation.  Check out the cool gong stand in the percussion section!  People were so animate about seeing this band perform that they sat in the aisles of the theatre!  Thousands came to see them play!  

Here is a picture of the exhibit hall.  Music stores, publishers, fundraisers, technology retailers gathered from around the nation.  This only shows about 60% of the exhibits that were there too!  


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