Mr. Anaya (Adviser) 

My name is Mr. Anaya, and I’m the yearbook adviser for this year. It’s my second year teaching journalism classes, and my favorite part about it is the photography. I really enjoy taking photos and writing. I love having a finished product, but it just takes so much work to put out a newspaper or a yearbook, and people don’t always realize or appreciate that. In my very spare free time, I like to travel, read, and binge watch Netflix shows. I’m also a fan of Dancing with the Stars, even though I always fall asleep while watching it…


Sionna Darga (Copy Editor) 

My name is Sionna Darga. I’m a copy editor (a.k.a. grammar Nazi) of Eisenhower’s yearbook staff of 2016-‘17. I’m in a choir, I’m learning Spanish, and I like to draw when I’m bored.


Aless Maldonado (Organizations & Clubs Editor) 

I am part of the yearbook staff, and I also am an editor for the yearbook. I am very involved in school, I am part of NJHS, band, cross country, soccer, (maybe the New York trip), and yearbook. In band I play the alto Saxophone and the Tenor Saxophone (possibly the Baritone Saxophone). This means I am extremely busy, but no matter how busy I am, I always make time for everything. I know it’s wrong but I procrastinate.  


Tony Rivero (Sports Editor) 

I am the sports editor for this year’s yearbook. This is my second year of AVID. I like drawing and playing sports. I have been playing sports all my life. I don’t really like being late to any activities, and I hate having bad grades.


Lupita Ugalde (People Editor)  

I am the yearbook people editor for the class of 2k16-2k17. I really enjoy taking pictures, especially of my cat. I love food. My favorite food to eat is mole.


Braegan Zimmerman (Design Editor) – 

I am the design editor for the 2016-2017 school year. I am a dancer and I have been dancing for 9 years. I am a cheerleader, and I have been in cheer for two years. I am in basketball, cross country, track, StuCo, and yearbook. My favorite sport is running. I hate math and marshmallows. In my free time I like to run, dance, play with my dog, swim, and watch Netflix.




Yazmin Carrasco 

 I am a part of many activities in and out of school. They are Cheer, NJHS, Student council, Dance, Gymnastics, and Chorus. I really enjoy Cheering and Dancing. It makes me feel so good when I ‘HIT’ the stunt that I need to accomplish. I also have been dancing since I was 3. I am also in love with SHARKS!!!


Romina Gonzalez

 I enjoy taking pictures. I am part of NJHS. My favorite sport is soccer. I am going to join soccer this year. I also run for the cross country team.


Reece Hay

 I like taking pictures and writing articles about our fellow students here in EMS. I like taking pictures and doing sports. In school I’m in NJHS, STUCO, basketball,volleyball, and track. I really like talking, it comes naturally to me.


Savannah Hebbert

 I am on the yearbook staff for my eighth grade year. I did cheer my 7th and 8th grade year and I also did volleyball both years. I hate reading, early mornings, being sick, McDonalds, running, smells of nasty foods, feet, being late, and having a lot of homework.


Anisha Martinez

I am in the yearbook staff, I’m also in band and AVID. I been in band for four years, AVID two years, and this is my first year in yearbook. I play volleyball this is my second year on the team. I love spending time with my family. On my free time I like to go for walks with my family, organize my binder, listening to music, and I love watching Netflix.


Jailin Vivanco

 I’m really looking forward to taking pictures in yearbook it seems like it’s going to be fun. I really like hanging out with my family and friends. I don’t like having homework on the weekend, well no one does. I’m also in NJHS. I really like to watch Netflix in my free time.


Alyssa Ware

 I am part of the yearbook staff for 2016-2017, I’m in Avid, and I’m in NJHS. I do volleyball, track, and softball. 


Brianna Ware

 I enjoy many different activities during the year such as volleyball, track, AVID, and during the summer I do softball. Some things I don’t like are math, when it’s really hot outside, reading, and homework.


Malcolm Wiltshire

I am a yearbook staff member for the first year. I play sports. I play football, basketball, baseball, and run track. I can’t wait for high school. I love baseball; it’s my favorite sport. I have been playing sports all my life. I don’t really like being late. I hate being too early. I love being happy. I love getting good grades.

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