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I grew up in Lawton Oklahoma and went to college in East Cnetral University at Ada oklahoma where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education. I've been teaching others for as long as I can remember, from helping the younger kids in elementary school to high school. I have been teaching   art for 26 years. I came to Liberal in the Fall of 1999 and I can proudly say after 13 years I am a true west warrior.

 I spend much of my spare time antique collecting toys and fishing. –You can summarize my life by saying there is far too much to do

My role as an educator is to be an art cheerleader, I cheer to my students, adults, and colleagues alike. I teach as if this will be my student’s last and only year of art. I have to get it all in such a short time. In this year, they will make art, write about art, talk art, dream art and most of all appreciate art. My goal is to share with students the elements of surprize, excitement, and fun found in art,and to influence a civic-minded, caring and confident furture generation


Art is in your way of living, and there is no end. - Henry Moore

Patrick Knott

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